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Cyber Security for Your Peace of Mind

Your Total IT Comforter

Our Opsec program will monitor 24/7 for you!

You will sleep deeply when your business is protected by the KDA Tech Solutions OPSEC cyber security protection blanket.


During your busy day, KDA Tech Solutions will help protect your data no matter what you are doing.

Cyberattacks can have lasting consequences for your business, from financial losses to reputational damage and potential lawsuits. But the good news is that our OPSEC program will set up protective layers to help shield your assets and data.    It will identify and neutralize threats before they harm you.

Data breaches as the main security threat
Being one of the biggest online markets, the United States sees a considerable share of global cybercrime. As of December 2022, almost half of the users in the country surveyed said they had ever experienced a cyber attack. Furthermore, around eight in ten U.S. board directors believed their organization was at risk of a material cyber attack in the upcoming year”.
Courtesy of Statista

Cover all your bases to protect your data! Cyber Security has many venues.

Ensure you have the very best available. It might reduce your cyber insurance at the same time! Navigating the world of cyber insurance can be difficult for a small to midsize organization like yours with limited resources and budget. While partnering with an IT service provider doesn’t ensure coverage or payment in the event of an incident, they can implement best-in-class cybersecurity solutions and help you adhere to your policy’s requirements, maximizing your chances of qualifying for coverage and payout in the event of a breach.

Learn more about all the items that touch your data and how to protect them!