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What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is the framework designed and applied to ensure your organization’s data is protected from digital threats and vulnerabilities.
To accomplish this, Cyber Security requires many layers of protective structure customized to meet your organizational needs. Each layer protects against the various points where threats are targeted: Application Security, Endpoint Security, Network Security, Cloud Security, and Information Security.
KDA Technologies uses the most effective methods to minimize enterprise-wide digital attacks from cyber threats. Whether you keep all your data in-house or on the cloud, each connection requires strict encryption and authentication. Organizations with comprehensive strategies enable them to monitor network traffic, identify incoming threats, and block, filter, or eliminate the attack.

Technology is amazing until it breaks!

Do you remember when you first got your new computer? How fast it responded to your every need. But as time passed, it slowed down, hesitated, or refused to move forward. Your time is essential, and trying to correct computer issues is something you cannot afford.

KDA Tech Solutions can repair servers, laptops, and desktops of all makes and models. From accessible part replacements to complex diagnostic solutions, we have experienced techs who will provide fast and effective computer repair services. We even offer proactive monitoring services for a small recurring charge.

If you want to install a new network, expand your business networking, or improve your existing design, it can be daunting. It is difficult to know who will work with you step by step, from planning to execution. KDA Tech Solutions is here for you. We will work with you through every stage of your project to ensure that you are getting the best network to fit your needs and increase your productivity. Projects of all sizes are given the attention needed to guarantee smooth operations, less downtime, simplified management, and improved security. With our in-house engineers and many decades of experience, we promise to deliver you the best and most secure connectivity you can get!

What are cloud Services?
Cloud Services are methods for storing and sharing documentation and data over the internet with multiple users on multiple devices. It offers affordable access to various applications and resources without the company setting up special infrastructure or obtaining specific hardware.
Most likely, you use cloud services without realizing it; third-party corporations that we use for email (Google, Microsoft, Proton, and Yahoo Mail are all examples) allow us to look read our email on our phones, computers, and or tablets no matter where we are as long as we have internet connectivity.
There are three types of cloud service organizations: Public, private, and hybrid (a mix of both). KDA Tech Solutions will help you decide the best way to use this safely, privately, and securely; you will know that your data is protected by the most up-to-date and secure cloud partners.

What are Data Recovery ServicesDisaster Recovery and Planning?
Have you ever worked on a paper or project, hit a key, and the worst thing that could happen did: it disappeared? Or have you attempted to access a file on the server or on your own computer, and it no longer exists? We may be able to help.
At KDA Tech Solutions, we are experienced in recovering deleted files, accidentally reformatted drives, and corrupted file systems. We have many years of experience in recovering lost data for our clients. With access to a white room, we can get you a free quote and assessment of exactly what would be recoverable before you decide what you would like us to do. The only thing you pay is return shipping on your hard drive if you choose not to recover the data and would like your drive returned to you.
As we all know, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! KDA Tech Solutions also offers top-of-the-line disaster recovery planning and backup options. Please contact us to learn how we can help you today, before it is too late!

What is a VoIP Phone System

VoIP, which stands for Voice over the Internet Protocol, is very much like having a landline service that uses the Internet to carry the signal. They can be used at any location that has an internet connection. They are often utilized in areas that have spotty service for cell phones.

VoIP Phone Systems are more robust and feature-rich than standard phone systems, replacing the bulky old PBX systems that most older businesses use. Our system offers the options of a mobile app, web browser calling, or your typical handset desk phone. The system also offers video conferencing and SMS capabilities, auto attendant(s), and much more. We can get you a new number, or you can bring one with you!


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What People Are Saying

I will be the first person to raise my hand and acknowledge that I am not only hard to work with, but I’m picky about who I will work with. I will also be the first person to tell you that I’m not great at writing a review and/or recommendation for companies I’ve worked with in the past because honestly, I’m just not used to it. There have not been many companies in my memory that I’ve worked with who actually earned my recommendation and respect, so because of that I very rarely feel the need or get the opportunity to praise someone for a job well done.  I’m a believer that when you make a commitment and a promise to take on a project that you give it 110% and unfortunately not everyone in this world lives by that same standard.


Our company was presented with an opportunity to bid on a project that was not only larger than any other job we had bid in the past but it was also a last minute,  time sensitive situation that required nothing less than perfection. KDA was highly recommended by a mutual business acquaintance when our new potential customer requested work that required IT professionals. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t nervous about working with a company that I was unfamiliar with, especially on a job that was larger than we were familiar with. KDA knocked it out of the park though! They dropped everything to make sure the job was handled and completed as they had promised. KDA communicated very well with our job foreman, our other subcontractors and most importantly, our customer. They put in many long hours and went well beyond my expectations. The crew at KDA are very professional and they not only listened to our customer’s needs, they followed through with the promises they made in a timeframe that was borderline ridiculous. It’s a shame that it’s become acceptable and expected in this day in age to be a sub-par contractor, so you almost expect someone to drop the ball or have a long list of excuses when promises and deadlines aren’t made… regardless of the size of the project.

KDA did not disappoint though. The KDA crew is nothing short of Rock Stars in my book and I will use no other company in the future when I need a reliable, honest and dependable IT company. I highly recommend KDA Tech Solutions. KDA gets my seal of approval, my recommendation and most importantly, my respect… because they earned it. Bravo!

Joe Sasa

Securewire Technologies, LLC

I have used KDA Tech Solutions services for twelve years now. I always have the best experience with them.  KDA Tech Solutions has always provided excellent service, quick response and, efficient troubleshooting and resolution.  I was working on the end of the year documents and financials in QuickBooks and my computer crashed and died.  Keith was able to save “the day” and also all my documents and programss and I was able to meet all my deadlines.


Thank you for making sure our technical needs are always taken care of.  They’re certainly our go-to IT company of choice.

Pamela Curtis-Sherman

Ridge Policy Group

We have been using KDA Tech Solutions Services, LLC (formerly Certeks Computer Consultants, Inc) for well over a decade.  There staff of professionals have proven themselves to be an indispensable part of our Title Insurance Agency known as Abstract Land Associates, Inc.  Their expertise made it possible to refresh our entire IT infrastructure multiple times with almost NO downtime.

They handle both our phone system and managed services for the Server and Workstations. They also have set-up secure remote access to our Employees that have to work from home. The experienced professionals at KDA are there for my Company and its staff 24-7 when we need them.

C. Wayne Keech

President/CEO , Abstract Land Associates, Inc.

After meeting Keith Barbour when I was an employee in a business, I am so thankful that he took a chance on me when I left and continued to provide me with residential services.  It’s now been at least ten years and I can’t imagine what I’d have done if he hadn’t been there for me – in times of needing to make decisions about devices, and of course – in times of emergency.  I have so much appreciation that he and his co-workers – most recently, Anthony – were always there to sort out whatever issues needed to be resolved, no matter what it took (remote, in-home, etc.) so that I had what I needed when I needed it!  Whew!!  I so very much respect not only the tech skills and abilities, but also the responsiveness and professionalism.  THANK YOU!!

Jane Y.

Residential Client

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